About Us

At MLMG, we are an all-encompassing community of faith, where our devotion to God is expressed in every aspect of our lives. As a church, we gather together to glorify the Lord, to sing and dance in celebration of His name. As a ministry, we are committed to spreading the Gospel message and serving those in need. As a school, we instill Christian values and nurture young minds to discover their purpose and potential. As a home, we share a bond of love and support that extends beyond the church walls. And as a family, we embrace and welcome all who seek to join us on our journey of faith. Our passion for worship is reflected in our use of a variety of musical instruments, as we believe that every sound produced is an offering of praise and adoration to our loving God.

Our vision

To make the word of god as a burning fire in the heart and bones of men, thereby setting the captives free.

Our mission

To empower others by divine mandate from the throne of grace, and to lead souls to the kingdom of god. 

Also to assist the needy spiritually and materially in the capacity we can by divine provision of needs. we are driven with passion to make disciples, worship god, come as family to fellowship, preach the gospel of salvation, and demonstrate god’s love to the people.

Meet our pastor

Pst. Elvis OKuofu

The ministry that Pastor Elvis Okuofu has been called to is truly remarkable and inspiring, as it was born out of the very words of God himself. As a chosen vessel of the Lord, Pastor Okuofu has been given a sacred assignment and task – namely, to empower others through the power of God.

The sheer importance of this ministry cannot be overstated, as it is mandated to win souls for the Kingdom of Christ, thereby depopulating the torments of hell and reducing its population of migrants. What a beautiful and noble goal this is! Surely, we can all find hope and inspiration in the work of such a ministry, which is driven by faith, love, and devotion to God’s Word. May we all endeavor to support and encourage Pastor Okuofu and his ministry, as they continue to do important work in the world.